Hobart Airport (HBA)
Car Parking

(Hobart, Tasmania - TAS, Australia)

Hobart Airport (HBA) features a number of car parking options in a convenient location, close by.

Listed below is useful information about short-term and long-term car parking at Hobart Airport (HBA).

There are designated areas situated close to the terminal building, spaces nearest to the airport are reserved for disabled drivers and passengers with special needs, and also drop off / pick up zones.

Dropping Off / Picking Up Area

A drop-off / pick-up is now available at Hobart Airport (HBA), where passengers can be dropped off directly outside of HBA Airport free of charge. Cars should not be left unattended in this area and parking in Hobart Airport's drop-off / pick-up is for short periods of strictly no more than seven minutes.

Short Term and Long Term

Short-term and long-term airport car parking is available at Hobart Airport (HBA), close to the terminal building. With plenty of car parking spaces, parking charges at Hobart Airport (HBA) are charged for the first 30 minutes, and then on an hourly basis up a maximum of six hours, which is the daily parking charge at HBA Airport.


Tel: +64 (0)3 6216 1646
Valet airport car parking is available at Hobart Airport (HBA) for around 200 cars and vehicles, where cars are parked in a secure, undercover location. This convenient HBA Airport service allows passengers to leave their cars close to the terminal building and their car will be parked for them, ready for their return to Hobart Airport (HBA).


Parking spaces closest to both terminal buildings at Hobart Airport (HBA) are reserved for disabled passengers with relevant parking permits. These disabled car parking spaces are clearly labelled in HBA Airport's car parking area.

Hobart Airport HBA

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